So you have a blog – now what?

EVERYONE should blog, and I say that without exception. A blog is a great way to catalogue your thoughts, your achievments and/or your opinions.

For business, it is fabulous for search engine optimization (SEO) – Google loves it!

It shows that the site is live, someone is there taking care of it. It’s fresh and dynamic and so wants to share it with relevant viewers

But writing a blog post is just the beginning. Here’s some ideas – things I do – of how to extend the life and reach of your static blog post.

So you’ve written a blog – now what?

what to do after you blog

  1. Instantly post it to social media (you can do this automatically using plugins on WordPress sites)
  2. Pin your post image(s) to Pinterest (with a link back to your post).
  3. Turn your post into a podcast (check out AudioBoo)
  4. Set up an RSS feed to your email list so it goes straight to their inbox automatically
  5. Produce a video of you “talking” the blog post and upload to YouTube
  6. Post to Twitter, changing the introductory text (think about using the headlines from your post)
  7. Post to Facebook, changing the featured image.
  8. Post to Google Plus, using relevant hastags (consider using the “send email to circles” function)
  9. Share in LinkedIn groups and start a “discussion”.
  10. Look for people on Social media asking questions related to your topic – signpost them.
  11. Finally, look at your post from a different angle and then write a new one.

What else do you do with your blog posts, not mentioned here? Do tell.

Until next time …



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